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EJ Archuleta

EJ is a Lawyer turned entrepreneur who has a passion for building things and creating fulfilling experiences. In his free time he enjoys riding his bike around Austin, the occasional golf scramble, and Texas Tech Football.

Austin Archuleta

Austin earned an engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin while concurrently co-founding Scanther. His scientific prowess is highlighted in his analytical and systematic approach to problem solving and system building.

Jose F. Duran
Lead Developer

Jose has been working with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and many other web technologies since 1999. Recently, he has been active in Angular JS implementations. He currently leads the Scanther Development team.

Luka Drvoderic
Senior Software Engineer and Solution Architect

Luka has been working with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Phonegap, and many other web technologies since 2002. He is currently engaged as a solution architect for application building automation. He likes playing guitar, tennis, and soccer with friends.

Laura Agudelo
Lead Designer

Laura is a Graphic Designer with great experience developing and delivering UX and UI for mobile apps, web and video games. She loves riding her bike and playing soccer.

Jef Santos
Director of Sales

Jef is a client advocate with 15+ years experience in established and startup environments. Jef excels at maximizing revenue, creating effective Software solutions strategies, and delivering unparalleled customer service. Interests include golf and traveling abroad.

Jonathan Richerson
National Account Manager

Jonathan has over a decade of customer service and account management experience, with a passion for customer care and excels in long term client retention. He also is a lover of music, a world traveler, and a gastronome.

Alex Mayo
National Account Manager

Alexander is a marketing consultant with a Business Degree from Texas State University. He has a strong background in customer service, problem solving, and finance allowing him to fulfill business owners needs while targeting cost effective marketing solutions. His hobbies include swimming, running, playing soccer, and reading.

Scott Raulie
National Account Manager

Scott has 15+ years of experience in sales/marketing and excels in communicating clearly and effectively with a diverse vertical base. He is inspired by influencing people with language, ideas, and technology. Scott enjoys music, film, and spending time with his family.

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